Bizzari Wellness and Healing offers crystal healing sessions for ladies only, along with mindfulness and grounding sessions. Less stress, more balance.

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Healing Charms

Genuine Natural Colored Healing Charms. cleanse them using running tap water once... 


How Can Mindfulness help Relieve Stress?

The Core of Mindfulness is focusing on the moment, so if you want to live a life with less stress try to focus on one thing at a time, and enjoy what you do pushing the rest of the things you are thinking or aside. It's not their time :) To practice mindfulness, drink a cup of tea or coffee using all of your senses. Smell the coffee, listen to the water boiling or the spoon spinning and taste the flavor visulaizing the coffee rest in you stomach. enjoy the moment and give everything in your life its time.

Let's introduce you to the nine Chakras we Cleanse and Charge

We focus on nine chakras out of twelve during our session. We will introduce you to these chakras, their position on the body and the crystals associated to them.

  • Soul Star Chakra

    The Soul star chakra, boosting your spirituality and connecting your soul to a higher level. Clear quartz is associated to this special chakra.

    Soul Star Crystals 
  • Crown Chakra

    The Crown Chakra is right on top of the head and is related to clarity of thought. Clear quartz and amethyst is associated to this chakra.

    Crown Chakra Crystals 
  • Third Eye Chakra

    The Third Eye Chakra is in the center of the forhead and is responsible for foreseeing. Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst are associated to this chakra.

    Third Eye Crystals 
  • Throat Chakra

    The throat chakra is responsible for communication, creativity, and self-expression. It is located at the throat and is associated to turquoise, aquamarine, or blue lace agate.

    Throat Chakra Crystals 
  • Heart Chakra

    Heart Chakra is located next to the heart and is responsible for the emotional stabilty. Crystals like malachite, green aventurine and rose quartz are associated to this chakra.

    Heart Chakra Crystals 
  • Solar Plexus

    The solar plexus chakra, or Manipura, is located in your stomach area. It's responsible, will, forconfidence and self-esteem. Its located at center of the stomach. Citrine, and tiger eye are associated to this Chakra.

    Solar Plexus Crystals 
  • Sacral

    The Sacral Chakra is located at the lower part of the digestive system. It is responsible for the enjoyment, sensuality, sexuality and pleasure. Crystals like the carnelian are associated to this chakra.

    Sacral Crystals 
  • Root Chakra

    The Root Chakra located at the end of the spine and is resposible for stabilty. Red aJasper and Garnet are associated to this chakra.

    Root Chakra Crystals 
  • Earth Star Chakra

    The Eart star Chakra is located at the bottom of the Feet and resposible for connecting the human body tpo earth. Black obsidian and black tourmaline are associated to this chakra.

    Earth Star Crystals 
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