The Session

The Crystal Healing Session is simply using the naturally existing frequencies in 9 types of crystals to be placed on 9 energy points on the body. These points are called Chakras. The naturally colored genuine crystals and a double pointed Clear Quartz wand form a magnetic field caused by the spinning of the wand on top of the crystals. 

The results of the crystal healing session is the cleansing of negative energy and charging of the energy points making my beautiful clients feel happier, less stressed, and help them with symptoms like headaches and digestive problems caused by energy blockages. They feel the sensation of wellness after the session.

Mona Bizzari Works with ladies only. She also welcomes young ladies and gents and she feels extremely happy helping them feel less stress, more self expressive, and much more emotionally stable.

The session takes around an hour and is a life changing experience, and that is her promise.

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